Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Homeless Missionary Group | Pros and Cons to Giving Handouts

 There are both pros and cons to giving handouts to homeless people.


  • It can provide immediate relief. When someone is homeless, they may be struggling to meet their basic needs, such as food, water, and shelter. Giving them a handout can provide them with immediate relief and help them to get by until they can get back on their feet.
  • It can show compassion and kindness. Homelessness is a complicated and dehumanizing experience. By giving a handout to a homeless person, you can show them compassion and kindness, which can make a real difference in their day.
  • It can encourage people to help others. When people see others giving handouts to homeless people, it can encourage them to do the same. This can create a ripple effect of kindness and compassion that can make a real difference in the lives of homeless people.
  • Handouts provide an opportunity for personal interactions, fostering connections between donors and recipients and breaking down social barriers.


  • Handouts may provide short-term relief but may not address the underlying causes of homelessness or contribute to long-term solutions.
  • It can enable bad behavior. Some homeless people may use handouts to support their drug or alcohol addiction. By giving them handouts, you may be enabling their bad behavior.
  • It can create a dependency on handouts. If homeless people become too reliant on handouts, they may not be motivated to get back on their feet. They may also become less likely to seek the help they need.
  • It can be dangerous. In some cases, it can be dangerous to give handouts to homeless people. There have been cases of homeless people becoming violent or aggressive when asked for money or food.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to give handouts to homeless people is a personal one. There are both pros and cons to consider, and each individual must decide what is best for them.

If you do decide to give a handout to a homeless person, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your gift is used in a way that is helpful and beneficial:

  • Give food or water instead of money. This will help to ensure that the handout is used to meet basic needs.
  • Offer to buy them food or coffee. This will allow you to interact with the person and get to know them better.
  • Direct them to a local shelter or food bank. This will help them to get the long-term help that they need.
  • Be respectful and kind. Remember that they are human beings who are going through a difficult time.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your handout to a homeless person is a helpful and beneficial gesture.

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